in isabel allende  novel Zorro Bernardo is Diego's mute milk brother the only person to know Diego's Secret at first he pretends to be deaf as well as mute the better to hear zorros enemies he also adopts clownish behaviors to seem harmless and he also makes all the gadgets that Diego might need and he also occasionally  pretends to be Zorro when Diego's identity is at risk of being discovered in this version Bernardo has a wife named light in the night and a son named Diego clarification needed Bernardo is mute but not deaf he only fakes being deaf to find out what goes on in the Pueblo people also talk with complete freedom in front of him thinking that he is deaf

Diego's and Bernardo's relationship Edit

Bernardo was Diego De La Vega's milk brother, because they were nursed by the same woman Bernardo becomes a mute after his mothers death and he also gave toronado to Diego when they were younger Edit


Personality Kind and generous but strong-willed and brave always trying to help Diego he is the brains of the group he's also very skilled with the sword due to the fencing lessons he took with Diego after there return from Spain  Edit