Don Diego de la Vega (also known as Diego Vega) was a Spanish nobleman during the 19th Century. While studying in Madrid, Spain, Diego was summoned home by his father, Don Alejandro de la Vega. Upon returning home he found that Los Angeles was being ruled by a tyrant (usually the Alcalde although in some stories it is an evil Commandante of the Spanish army and even still in other stories, the Governor of California).

He quickly adopts the disguise of Zorro, his secret identity known only to his aid Bernardo, and in some stories also Don Alejandro. Don Diego is an accomplished swordsman and won many awards and trophies for fencing, but he downplays is prowess with the blade, and in some stories acts as a rather inept swordsman, to better guard his secret. Diego is often portrayed as a playboy or bookish and risk-averse young man who cares very little of anything beyond his own affairs, although this too is just a ruse. He appears nearly in every books, movies and such. But in some of them, they are different successors to him.





Stage ProductionEdit

  • Don Diego de la Vega (Zorro the Musical)


In a few stories where he appears but is not Zorro.



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