File:Zorro Generation Z - Vol. 3 (2009) - Home Video Trailer featuring the animated version of a modern, motorcycle riding Zorro


Diego de la Vega is the descendant of the original El Zorro and the current Zorro as of 2015. 

When he was little his grandfather told him stories about his ancestor`s adventures as El Zorro. His grandfather (the current Zorro) also told young Diego that he was destined to be the next El Zorro. 

Years later Diego is competing in a motorcross race when he is pulled over by his best friend Bernardo (who like the first Bernardo is mute) who shows him a news report that says Diego`s father Alejandro is missing. The two boys return to the de la Vega Mansion only to find that it has been taken over by the mayor's henchmen "the Dons".

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