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  • Johnston McCulley's Zorro short stories were reprinted by Pulp Adventures Inc. in a series of trade paperback editions.
    • Zorro The Master's Edition Volume One (1932–1944) 
    • Zorro The Master's Edition Volume Two (1944–1946) 
    • Zorro The Master's Edition: A Task For Zorro (1947)
  • A series of paperback novels were published by Tom Doherty Associates, Inc. Books in the late 1990s and early 2000s.
    • Zorro and the Jaguar Warriors by Jerome Preisler
    • Zorro and The Dragon Riders by David Bergantino
    • Zorro and the Witch's Curse by John Whitman

Gerard Ronan's Biography of William Lamport "The Irish Zorro" was published by Brandon Books in 2004.

  • Minstrel Books published A series of young reader novels based on the motion picture The Mask of Zorro.
    • The Treasure of Don Diego by William McCay
    • Skull and Crossbones by Frank Lauria
    • The Secret Swordsman by William McCay
    • The Lost Temple by Frank Lauria
  • Zorro filmographic books have also been published:
    • The Legend of Zorro by Bill Yenne 1991 Mallard Press 
    • Zorro Unmasked The Official History by Sandra Curtis 1998 Hyperion
    • Tales of Zorro anthology edited by Richard Dean Starr 2008 Moonstone Books
  • Two novelization of films from Sony:
    • The Mask of Zorro: A Novelization by James Luceno 
    • The Legend of Zorro: A Novelization by Scott Ciencin
    • The character was also the subject of a historical novel by a famous Chilean author.
      • Zorro by Isabel Allende 2005 HarperCollins 
    • inspired in Allende's novel, Harper Collins released:
      • Young Zorro: The Iron Brand by Jan Adkins 2005 Harper Collins